Monday, 25 April 2011

Weekend progress report #4

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

This year we have a five day break over Easter. Tayla has been using this time for study so I have been able to spend a large amount of time working on Victrix - we have both been rather productive!

I still have quite a few layers to do on the nearside before I have caught up with the offside and still some modification of the appy blanket before I'm totally happy with it.  I have one more day left of this Easter break so I hope to make good progress over the next 24 hours.  Hopefully by the second weekend in May I'll be ready to make a start on the refining part of the process, I'm really looking forward to that!

Stay tuned for more updates, she is coming together quicker than I anticipated!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The 'not' a weekend progress report! :)

Well as anticipated I don't have any progress photos to show you except for this shot, which my pesky daughter snapped of me during the evening this week! (excuse my bedraggled hair!)

I am working away on her offside and it is coming along nicely, I hope to have something worthwhile to share within a week or two.

I have been waiting on a couple of commission pieces to arrive for some time now - With winter fast approaching and still no sign of the resins in the mail an opportunity arose for two other commissions!  I was thrilled to have been asked to paint these two beautiful Fraley pieces and true to form with my previous experience with this person, once I accepted the commissions the boys were in the mail and here with me within a couple of weeks!  So with some fine weather this past week I have been able to get most of the prep work completed on the Raakid - wow is he a heavy, large but beautiful resin!  I just need to go over him once more and then give him a final white primer coat.  Then I will be able to begin work on him during the winter along with Victrix.

My plan is to finish getting the base pattern down on Victrix first and then I can enjoy applying her fine detail work in-between getting the base colour down on Raakid.  By which time it will hopefully be spring and then I can prep Backbeat Thunder and the other two commission pieces.  Once Victrix and Raakid are painted I will then start painting BBT and then the rest of the commissions will follow in order of arrival, (there will also be a commission slot auctioned in August to benefit cancer research for anyone looking for a slot with me).  So I think I have enough now to keep me busy well into 2012!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weekend progress report #3

Not much to report, will let the photos do the talking.  Still plugging away, I enjoy this stage but I'm going to have to pull myself away and get started on the other side!  Still lots more to do on this side but it will have to wait until I get the basic appy pattern down on the otherside, doh!

I may not post again for some time while I'm working on the near side - unless I get tempted to do more work on this side!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Horsing Around.....

The company Horsing Around that is!  I just wanted to say a few words recommending Mark and Vanessa of Horsing Around as I recently received my second custom glaze piece and he really is quite stunning! 

The service and value for money that HA offers is second to none! When ordering a custom glazed piece, (I have two more in the making!) I have been dealing with Vanessa at HA and have found her to be extremely patient and meticulous, being sure that every detail is considered when ordering your special custom glazed piece!  Check out their website (link above) for the beautiful range of chinas available in original finish, custom glaze, white glazed or bisque versions and all at very reasonable prices!

Here are a couple of photos of my beautiful, newly arrived custom glazed china from Horsing Around - Brigitte Eberl's "Sharif"

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend progress report #2

Well I have been working on Victrix a little each night during this week and over the weekend.  This stage is slow going! but I'm motivated at the moment to keep progressing with her - until I hit a brick wall!

I have been mainly working on details and layers but  I'm still not quite happy with the balance of the elements of the pattern. I can't move on to her neck and belly though until I'm happy with the layout of the pattern on her hindquarters and barrel!  So you can see some progression here but not a lot, unfortunately. Hopefully next weekend will see me moving on to the neck!

<< And another slightly improved but still somewhat coarse close-up photo here!

Where do the years go?

My daughter Tayla is now in her final year of high school. Just this weekend she went to a formal and I thought I'd share some photos of my 'little' Angel.  She has grown up so quickly, seems just like yesterday she was heading off to primary school!