Sunday, 9 October 2011

Current work in progress

I've been working on this little lady for three weeks so far.  It has been a bit of a battle to guide her towards the base shade I was looking for.  I started out with a cold white, knowing that usually the white warms up and can have a tendency to become too yellow!  But she remained a cool shade of white up until yesterday, so I was becoming concerned that she was going to end up too cold a shade of white!  But I have just sealed her and I can see she is starting to turn - now I have to be careful she doesn't swing too much towards a yellow white!

This is a commission piece, Toot Sweet sculpted by Adalee Hude. I'm working from reference photos and staying pretty true to them.

First photo was taken just over a week ago you can see she is quite a cold white.  Close-up taken today, I've had to reduce the brightness on the close-up photo otherwise the detail is washed out, even doing so there is more detail than the photo shows....

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