Friday, 7 October 2011

Be still my heart!......

Impossible of course when looking at something of such beauty.  I'm really at a loss for words but had to share photos of this beautiful boy here.  I am absolutely thrilled and feel so honoured to have THE stunning Marshall in my collection - sculpted and custom glazed by Lynn Fraley of Laf 'n Bear.

The photos are not very good, I'll try to take better ones and update them.  I have named him Major Marshall because he is without a doubt a major piece in my collection!  His detailing is incredible, from the subtle shift of shades in his coat, awesomely 'scritched' sabino markings and right down to what appears to be tiny eyelashes on his beautiful eyelids and his eyes resemble soft, dark liquid pools - wow I so love him!  Thank you Lynn for bringing so much beauty and joy into my home!

I longed to add Marshall to my collection, thought my chances of ever doing so would be slim. This particular boy was always a favourite, never dared to dream he would come and live with me.  Yet here he is. *adoring sigh*  A big thank you to his previous owner for agreeing to sell him to me. :)

Major and Punjabi are already the best of buddies! :)


  1. Wow, he's journeyed so far! So glad he arrived safely and that he has such a terrific home with you Liz. Thanks so much!!


  2. Thank YOU Lynn, thank you. :)